In order to receive something, you need to give something.
Our community is built on this simple principle.

Contribution points cannot be purchased. They can only be earned by helping the community.

You will find out later that this is easy enough to do. But always remember that by helping others, you are helping yourself first. Please be a productive member of our, and already – your community!

How to obtain Contribution Points:

  1. Daily visit – 15 points
  2. Writing a detailed review (through the comment form or through the feedback form) according to the sample – 20-60 points (Not implemented yet)
  3. Provide an asset for the community – up to 100 points (after checking the content)
  4. Completing community tasks – 10-unlimited points, Rank
  5. Answer a question (Q&A section) – 30 points
  6. Get a Vote Up on a post – 1 point
  7. Get a Like on a post – 1 point
  8. Monthly referral bonus – 10-unlimited points:

Each member of the community who attended more than 20 days a month at the end of the month receives a bonus based on the growth in the number of visits to the community site. When distributing the bonus, the total amount of the contribution points earned by the member during this month is taken into account – the more earned, the greater the bonus.