Creating an augmented reality app that is expandable and adjustable is a complex process. This course will step you through the process of app development keeping in mind that you, your client, or the scope of the project will change along the way.

Have you ever tried to make a complex AR app with numerous possible AR objects? Was the process confusing? If so, Unity AR: Ground Plane Tools is the perfect course for you because you will step through the production of an AR app with an expandable catalog system. First, you will use the Ground Plane Tools in Unity to place AR objects with your mobile device. Next, you will create a catalog system with Unity’s UI tools, allowing you to scroll through a list of catalog items. Finally, you will get the AR and Catalog scenes to pass information back and forth. When you are finished with this Unity course, you will not only have created a workable AR Catalog app, but also know how to develop an app that can be adjusted and expanded with minimal work. Software required: Unity Game Engine.

Table of contents

  1. Course Overview
  2. AR Overview and Software Installation
  3. Ground Plane Tracking
  4. Interface
  5. Building the Catalog
  6. Tying the Interface with the AR Component
  7. Exercise Files

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