How to add your request

In order to add an asset request you need to leave a message in the appropriate forum thread (for Unity, UE4, Misc requests), which contains:

1. Asset name (duplicate in the title of the request)
2. Link to the original (source). The link should be inserted in plain text, without tags. It will become active at the time of publication.
3. The number of points offered by the author of the request for adding an asset (must be a multiple of 50: 50, 100, 150, etc.).
4. Notes. *By default it’s considered that the required version of the asset is the last one available. If you need another version – you can specify it in your request; either the requested version or Unity/UE4 version for which you are requesting the asset.

Please use only the items listed on this form to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

It is forbidden to place requests for assets that are already on the site, but are not available to the user creating the request. A user with the rank of “Guest” cannot create a request for an Asset that belongs to the Grand Lodge. These assets can be obtained by raising your rank by helping the Community and its members.

Administration will deduct the number of points from the requestor’s account and reserve them on the remuneration account according to the request.

Requests from Partners receive in addition to the remuneration indicated in the request + 2000 bonus Contribution Points
from Senior Members +1000 CP
from Members +500 CP

After that the request is published and appears in the list. The stars next to the request indicate the rank of the author of the request – three stars for Partner, two for Senior Member, and one for Community Member.

Then the community votes on the request. Points are deducted from each voter for each vote, there is no limit to the number of votes. These points are added to the total reward for completing the request.

If a member wants to fulfill a request, they will send a link to the requested Asset on an available file-hosting (Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive, etc.) as a reply on the forum. Administration will check the compliance of the request and if it matches the conditions, they will place the content in the directory on behalf of the user who made the request, and the link to it will be placed in the body of the user’s answer.

All points scored by the request are transferred to the user who responded to the request, the request is marked as completed and deleted from the lists.

We try to fulfill requests as quickly as possible. When prioritizing the execution, we take into account the user’s rank, their contribution to the community, and the number of points their request has accumulated.