About The Freedom Club

A year has passed since the launch of the project. During this time, we have received colossal feedback and support from developers from all over the world.
We have improved our platform, expanded the catalog and added many useful sections. We took one more step. And we will continue to do so.

Thanks to everyone who supported us!

It’s all for you!

Freedom Club is a community of developers. Our main idea is to support each other with what we can ourselves. That is, community trying to give everyone according to his needs, asking in return for what he can give to the community.

To download resources from our site that are posted by community members, you need Contribution Points. In addition, there is a rank system with a division of the level of access to site sections and community management capabilities.

A few words about us and why we started doing all this, read below…


Before …

We and our friends have been indie developers at Unity for several years. It was a very long and difficult way for each of us.

And partly because assets that should help, often nullify all the results and efforts of beginner’s:

1. Asset developers do not provide a full feedback

2. Often what’s inside doesn’t match the cover

3. No adaptation to new versions

4. Fake reviews and recommendations

5. Asset at any time can become depreciated

6. Wrong asset can destroy the entire project …

… and official store just don’t give a fuck !!!

All of this may just be the start of all our problems,
and kill a good idea in the end…


Today, we aim to give the opportunity to the maximum possible number of such developers like us for free try out the assets and see if they fit them or not.

When we first started it was hard. And we decided that if it’s in our power, then we should help others save their health, time and money, which is different the case would have been spent on the purchase of useless assets.

All assets You can download and try for free, but if Your project will make a profit to You – be sure to support the author of useful asset by purchasing a copy from an official vendor.

Remember that this way You help good people do their job even better and motivate them for new developments.

If You have any suggestions, recommendations or interesting information – feel free to contact us