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[Solved] Upload Assets from AssetStore (bought)  



Hey there! It's me again! 😉


I have one question: How can I upload paid Unity Assets? Or is that only for Members or higher Stuff? Cause I think I want to do more for this.


Please answer soon!

3 Answers

Hey! Previously, we gave everyone access to direct posting of new assets to the base. But due to the fact that there was a lot of spam, incorrect versioning, even viruses, now it is done like this:
1. Upload the asset to any file hosting service you like
2. Send us through the form a link to it and a link to the original page. The page with the form is here.
In the Subject field, select "Provide an asset". And Name field = your Nickname.
3. The guys who are engaged in the content will quickly check it and post it on your behalf.

And in addition, of course, thanks from us in the form of extra points! ❤️ 🖐️ 


Upload Assets Ok, thanks, I will try it!

I have bought MFPS and also some AddOns, but these aren't actually in the AssetStore. Can I also send them?



Yes, of course, that would be great and very useful for our community! The main thing, if possible, specify the versions of the add-ons and the main asset


Hi do anyone have UI graph asset from asset store?