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Procedural Random Dungeon Generation 3D  


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June 11, 2022 12:11 am  

Procedural Random Dungeon Generation 3D - Using Unity and Blender

Learn how to manipulate prefabricated rooms and halls with C# scripting to generate a unique randomly generated dungeon for your video games in Unity.

- Included in the course are a set of modular room and hall tiles which we'll use to create our dungeons. We'll start in Blender where we will export the individual mesh information to an fbx file and then import them into Unity and convert them to prefabs that we can use in our project

- Next, we'll write a complete procedural C# script that uses those prefab tiles to generate intricate and endless variations of dungeons for your 3D games.

The course is intended for intermediate-level Unity game developers who have a strong desire to create random environments in an interior-only series of rooms and hallways. We'll jump right into the code and write methods that perform specific functions while piecing everything together to produce the desired results.

Size: 2.83 GB | Duration: 6h 15m 

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