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Unity VFX Graph Tutorials  


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Udemy - Unity VFX Graph - Beginner To Intermediate

This course covers the use of Unity's Visual Effects Graph to produce real-time VFX.


   How to use Shader Graph and create a master shader for game effects

   Create original Textures from Scratch  

   Making hand-painted Flipbook Animations

   Create modular and customizable VFX Graphs

4 Hours 2.8 GB - Beginner - 01 - 02

Unity VFX Graph - Intermediate Course

This course is all about the creation of Visual Effects with Unity Visual Effect Graph. You will create an Ability Set for a game character called Thunderlord

Learn to use Visual Effect Graph (Basics to Intermediate-Level). We will have a look at the workflow of this powerful node-based-tool and start with some quick and basic exercises to get started, like some sparks.

Tutorial Abilities Covered:

  Ability 01: Projectile - Projectile with Trails, Warm-up effect, Impact and Hammer Glow;

  Ability 02: Earthshatter - Earthshatter effect, Hammer Trails and Hammer Glow;

  Ability 03: Hammer Punch - Hammer Punch effect, Hammer Trails and Hammer Glow;

  Ability 04: Thunderstorm - Thunderstorm AoE, Lightning Strike effect, Warm-up effect, Falling Projectiles effect.

11 Hours - 8.1 GB (7.8 packed)

Intermediate - 01-03