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"Modular Brutalist Pack" Importing Errors  


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May 8, 2022 6:40 pm  

When I attempt to drag the extracted file directly into the Unreal content location, I receive an error claiming the "uasset" and "umap" file extension is unknown.

Extracting the file inside the content folder associated with the project results in repeated "No smoothing group information was found in this fbx scene" errors.

I also can't seem to find a ".uproject" file for the overall project which I would assume is important considering I find it in every other asset I download. The size of the file (1.07GB) seems relatively low for an asset with this quality. Perhaps something was missed in the uploading process on the website's end? I've exhausted almost all viable options I would assume would fix the errors so I highly doubt it's something simple I'm just missing. Any would be Any help with this issue would be awesome!

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